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decodeMessage - reveal a secrect message The result should...

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% 9/9/09 9:09 PM % Function Name: decodeMessage % Input: 1. jumbledLetters (string) - a string that contains jumbled upper % and lower case letters with spaces. % characters % Output: 1. message (string) - a string that does not contain any upper % case letters. contains a message % % Function Description: % The function takes in a string which is a sentence of upper and lower % case letters. The function then removes the upper case letters to
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Unformatted text preview: % reveal a secrect message. The result should not contain any upper case % letters. The result may contain lower case letters, spaces and numbers. % function message = decodeMessage(message) message(message>='A'&message<='Z') = ''; % just changes upper case letter to nother, i.e. gets rid of them...
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