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function [A B] = ABCs_iteration(Z,N) % % DO NOT CHANGE THE FUNCTION HEADER (the first line of code) % % a) for loops. Fix the following for loop so that A is the vector Z in % reverse order. Replace every ? with the necessary code. You must utilize % the for loop to receive credit. % A=[]; for ind=1:length(Z) % change this line A=[Z(ind) A]; % change this line end e % b) while loops. Use the following while loop to count the number of
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Unformatted text preview: % perfect squares between 1 and N inclusive. Store your answer in the % variable B. Replace every ? with the necessary code. You must utilize % this while loop to receive any credit. % num = 1; B = 0; while num<=N % change this line if mod(sqrt(num),1)==0 % change this line (it finds perfect squares) B=B+1; end num = num+1; end...
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