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1 Time Management Plan Sheila Parker   Walden University   03/01/2020
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2 Time Management Plan According to Dahm, Glomb, Manchester, and Leroy (2015), define time management as the ability to use one’s time effectively or productively. A time management plan is exceptionally important for personal and professional development since it can have a significant impact on individual as well as businesses. It helps maintain focus especially with the continuing challenges and increasingly complex distractions that are produced by the advancement of technology. Excellent time management leads to positive results in school and work which decrease overall stress (Dahm et al., 2015). Time management increase efficiency while promoting high performance when dealing with systemic problems (Kayaalp, 2014). To understand time management, I must get a clear picture of my goals and the resources required to accomplish these goals. In the following paper I will examine my time management plan to understand my goals and how it will assist in my personal and professional practices. This paper will also create a plan that will provide direction in completing my doctoral degree since I must continually set goals to maintain momentum as recommended by Barker (2014). Laying the Foundation (Goals) Setting three realistic goals for myself during the first week of my Challenges in Business class focused mainly on the completion my doctoral degree with the inspiration and encouragement of my family. The completion of my goals will have a direct impact on myself and my family ’s future which can will help my success while giving me a foundation for effective time management. These goals are as follow: 1. My first goal is completion of my Doctorate in Business Administration from Walden University so I can obtain my Healthcare Management and Leadership Certification. A professional certification will add credibility and marketability to my credentials. Being
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