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- 1 - University of Waterloo School of Computer Science CS348 Spring 2009 Assignment 4 Due: June 30, 2009 1. Consider the following relational schema which is the same as in Assignment 2. Student (Sno, Sname) Course( Cno, Cname ) Prerequisite (Cno, Prereq ) Professor (Eid, Pname, Office, Dept) Enrollment (Sno, Cno, Term , Section, Mark) Schedule (Cno, Term, Section, Day, Time, Room) Class (Cno, Term, Section , Instructor) A database on the above schema called enrollmentdb has already been created on rees.math.uwaterloo.ca/cs348 which can be accessed from your Java program via the Internet. A handout from the course website provides information of how to access the server database. Write an efficient Java program (with JDBC) that generates the required result for the following application. A course C1 is said to be a pre-prerequisite of another C2 if C1 is a prerequisite of C2 or there is a prerequisite C3 of C2 such that C1 is a pre-prerequisite of C3.
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