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- 1 University of Waterloo School of Computer Science CS348 Spring 2009 Assignment 3 Due: June 16, 2009 40%1. Design a relational schema that captures the data requirement of the following ERD. This application is about a boat leasing company. In this application, a boat is owned by an owner, and the boat may have equipments installed by the owner. When a boat is leased out to a client, the leasing company may equip the boat with some company-provided equipments. The client may want to hire some crew during an itinerary. The leasing company wants to keep track of the lease history as well its related information. In your relational schema, you should specify, if any, the primary key and foreign key constraints. The attributes of an entity type are defined below. All attributes are simple. State any constraint, if any, that cannot be captured with your design. Owner(Name , Addr) Equipment(Eid , Type, Description, Quantity) Company-Equipment(YearPurchased,Cost) Boat(Reg# , Type, Length, FeeChargedByOwner) Lease(Charter# , Date, FeeCharged, Deposit) Itinerary(WeatherDesc, ItineraryDesc) Customer(Name , Addr) Crew(Emp# , Name, Tel#, Expertise, JobTitle) The underlined attributes are the primary keys of the corresponding entity types. Owner Boat Owner Equipment Itinerary Lease Crew Customer Company- Equipment own rent hire charter has has provides total 1 total n 1 m total 1 p total 1 w total y k n 1 1 1 total total total Equipment ISA total
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- 2 The following is a possible design: Owner(Name , Addr)
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