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- 1 - University of Waterloo School of Computer Science CS348 Spring 2009 Assignment 1 Due: May 26, 2009 1. Suppose that we informally define data in a database for an airline application as follows. Information stored includes data about flights, airplanes, passengers and flight crews. (a) For each airplane, its registration number, type and capacity (i.e., maximum number of passengers) are recorded. Each plane has a unique registration number. Each plane is assigned to at most one flight at any time. (b) For each flight, its flight number, departure date, departure airport, departure time, destination airport, arrival date and arrival time. A flight is uniquely identified by its flight number and its departure date. A flight may consist of one or more legs. For each leg of a flight, the departure airport, departure date, departure time, arrival airport, arrival date and arrival time are recorded. For each flight, we also need to record which pilots and which flight attendants have been assigned to the flight. For simplicity, we
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