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Assignment 2 solution - Question 1 A i) False: The...

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Question 1 A i) False: The statement is backwards, since the conservation laws are naturally occurring in the system form. ii) False: The RTT can be applied to any control volume, fixed, moving, or deforming. iii) True: The RTT has an unsteady term and can be applied to unsteady problems. B) A streamline is a curve that is everywhere tangent to the instantaneous local velocity vector. It indicates the instantaneous direction of fluid motion throughout the flow field. A pathline is the actual path traveled by an individual fluid particle over some time period. It indicates the exact route along which a fluid particle travels from its starting point to its ending point. Unlike streamlines, pathlines are not instantaneous, but involve a finite time period. A streakline is the locus of fluid particles that have passed sequentially through a prescribed point in the flow. C) The Bernoulli equation states that The sum of the kinetic, potential, and flow energies of a fluid particle is constant along a streamline during steady flow
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Assignment 2 solution - Question 1 A i) False: The...

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