Flat Circular Pressure Plate (Jacks)

Flat Circular Pressure Plate (Jacks) - Flat Circular...

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Flat Circular Pressure Plate The aim of this Experiment is to measure the behaviour of a thin flat aluminium circular plate with clamped edges due to a series of pressure steps (Δ p) and then to compare these experimental readings with theoretical calculations. Two different types of measurements were taken at a number of radial locations, including vertical deflection and strain. Theoretical calculation were performed to compare the results, but the strain measurements taken first had to be converted into radial and tangential stress. Deflection The graph above compares experimental data and theoretical data obtained for deflection at 0.2 Bar and 0.4 Bar. Cleary the more pressure that is applied the more the plate deflected. But the plot also shows that for both Pressures the experimental deflection is greater than the theoretical deflection calculated. Another feature of the plot shows the error at a radius of zero gets larger as the pressure increases, this could be due to a number of reasons
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Flat Circular Pressure Plate (Jacks) - Flat Circular...

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