Compartmentalization - Compartmentalization: People...

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Compartmentalization: People compartmentalize their work atmosphere as an unethical corporation and act immorally for the corporation, but in their real life home atmosphere are good people. It also applies to trying to maintain a good image for the corporation. They may try to compartmentalize their organization as someone who looks out for the community, but there may be a hidden agenda to their good deed. Either it won’t cost the organization much or it benefits the organization more on a financial level than it does for the well-being of the community o Friedman They MUST only do good and perform charity so long as it is in line with making profit Examples: o Marc Barry is a predator engaged in morally dubious tasks. Corporations hire him to get information from other corporations: trade secrets, marketing plans, or whatever else might be useful to them. In his work, he lies, deceives, exploits, and cheats.” He says he’s worked for more than a quarter of the Fortune 500 companies. (54) “Greed and moral
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Compartmentalization - Compartmentalization: People...

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