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square of sum all integers in a vector test

square of sum all integers in a vector test - disp'error...

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Sheet1 Page 1 % sumIntSquareFunction(number) -> number % Description: % This function evaluates the function sumIntSquare() and returns the result true % or false as a number function output = sumIntSquareTest() output = true if (sumIntSquare(1) ~= 1) disp('error calculating sumIntSquare(1)') output = false elseif (sumIntSquare(3) ~= 14)
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Unformatted text preview: disp('error calculating sumIntSquare(3)') output = false elseif (sumIntSquare(4) ~= 30) disd('error calculating sumIntSquare(4)') output = false elseif (sumIntSquare(10) ~= 385) disp('error calculating sumIntSquare()') output = false else disp('sumIntSquareTest passed') end...
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