Psyc 101-03A Syllabus Fall 2009

Psyc 101-03A Syllabus Fall 2009 - IVY TECH COMMUNITY...

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IVY TECH COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF INDIANA COURSE SYLLABUS Course Title: Introduction to Psychology Course Number: PSYC 101-03A (online) CRN: 33828 Semester: Fall 2009 Day/Time of Class: Internet course Room Number: Internet course Instructor: Joanne Tischina, Psy.D. Phone: Distance Learning Messages Office: Gary—Distance Learning Office Communication: Distance Learning Messages Office Hours: No office hours—available online Distance Learning Coordinator: Angelia Yount [email protected] Prerequisites: Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of “C” or better in ENG 025 Introduction to College Writing II and ENG 032 Reading Strategies for College II and MATH 044 Mathematics School: Liberal Arts and Sciences Program: Liberal Arts Credit Hours: 3 Contact Hours: 48 (estimated through online content, messages, and discussion board) Date of last Revision: Spring, 2004 Effective Date of this Revision: Fall, 2009 Catalog Description: Surveys behavior and cognitive processes as they affect the individual. The course focuses on biological foundations, learning processes, research methodologies, personality, human development and abnormal and social psychology. Major Course Learning Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course the student will be expected to: 1. Identify and differentiate theoretical perspectives of psychology. 2. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of research methods. 3. Exhibit a fundamental understanding of the biological basis of behavior. 4. Demonstrate an understanding of classical and operant conditioning, and social cognitive learning. 5. Identify theories and characteristics of processing, storing and retrieving memory. 6. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the major theories of personality. 7. Demonstrate a basic understanding of physical, cognitive and social aspects of human development. 8. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of symptoms, classification and causes of psychological disorders. 9. Demonstrate an understanding of how social and culture context impacts individual behavior and cognition. 1
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Course Content: Topical areas of study include -- History of psychology Major psychological perspectives Research methods Learning/behavior Memory Biological functioning Social psychology Personality Psychological disorders TEXTBOOK: Ciccarelli, S. K. & White, J.N. (2009). Psychology. 2 nd ed. Upper Saddle River, New York: Pearson Education. ISBN: 9780558206635 HOW TO OBTAIN YOUR TEXTBOOK Statewide Distance Education Bookstore - Ivy Tech online bookstore is available for you to purchase the texts required for this course. This service is for Ivy Tech students for all online classes. To order the texts required for this class, go to and follow the instructions there. SPECIAL TECHNOLOGY NEEDS
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Psyc 101-03A Syllabus Fall 2009 - IVY TECH COMMUNITY...

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