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English - and accuracy Is the information geared to your...

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CARS Source Evaluation Worksheet Criteria Questions to Ask Response Credibility Is the author listed? Are the author’s credentials listed? Is the author a known or respected authority on the issue? Does the source have organizational support? Is the organization well- respected? Does the URL (web address) end or contain .gov, .mil, .edu, or .org? (Commercial sites have .com or .net in the address). Is there evidence of quality control? Does the author use proper spelling and grammar? Accuracy Is the information in the source current? Does the site indicate when the document was created or when it was last updated? Is the information factual, detail, exact? Does the author strive for completeness
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Unformatted text preview: and accuracy? Is the information geared to your level of understanding? Reasonableness Does the information presented seem balanced, objective, reasoned? Is there an obvious conflict of interest? Does the author or organization seem to give support to any advertisers? Is there a slanted tone? If the source is persuasive, does it back up opinions with facts? Support Are claims made by the author substantiated with any evidence? For example, are there bibliographies or footnotes? Does the author provide a way to contact him or her to discuss the information? Is the information given in the source corroborated by other sources?...
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