ENG112 Position Essay-091

ENG112 Position Essay-091 - ENGL 112 Position Essay...

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ENGL 112 Position Essay Logically, the Position essay draws upon earlier research from the Exploratory essay, the Annotated Bibliography, the Argument Proposal, and Counter Argument assignments. In the Position essay, you will argue for your position without ignoring other positions. Topic : Choose the issue from the Exploratory paper to write your Position paper. Your topic should be debatable. Clearly show your position and use sources to convince your reader the position you hold is valid. Once you have an issue, you will need to use effective reasoning and specific information to make your position convincing. You are required to use a minimum of five outside sources to support your argument . Make sure you use a variety of source types (books, magazines, journals, newspapers, and so forth) and were taken from reliable databases such as those found on the Virtual Library. Standard reference works (dictionaries, encyclopedias, and Wikipedia) should not be used. Use the types of claims discussed in Chapter 6 (see the charts on pages 516-
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ENG112 Position Essay-091 - ENGL 112 Position Essay...

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