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Unformatted text preview: POSITION ESSAY POSITION Organizing Your Essay Primary Goal of the Position Essay Primary To persuade the reader that your point of view or opinion on the issue is correct. Introducing Your Issue Introducing Make general statements about the importance of the issue. Do not mention specifics – yet. Perhaps use a quotation or story to pull readers into the issue. Your introduction will affect your ethos. Explain why this issue is compelling to you. • Be sure the quote helps make your overall point. Explaining What Others Claim Explaining Show you are part of the ongoing conversation about this issue. Show the prominent positions people have taken about the issue. Give accurate, concise, paraphrased summary. May use positions of the Exploratory, Proposal, or Counter Argument essay, but revise to fit the paper’s flow. Explain in Detail Explain Show how you agree/disagree with the positions. State claim about your issue and how you differ from others’ positions and where you fit with the positions (build ethos). Hence, I will argue that. . . Be sure to “fine­tune” the claim after finishing the paper. Mention the author(s) and article(s) you agree with the most and will use for support. Consider the Value of Your Paper Consider What will the audience get from reading this argument? Talk about your claim’s value. Give Evidence and Support Claim Give The first part of the paper should not exceed 1/3 of the paper. The bulk of the paper should be devoted to supporting your claim with evidence. What is the most powerful evidence? Why? Did the evidence support you through ethos, pathos, logos or a combination? Most Powerful Evidence Most It makes a difference where you place your most powerful evidence. How will you incorporate quotations into your essay? • Remember to think in terms of how the human brain remembers – first item viewed and last item viewed. Other Evidence Other How will you organize the rest of your evidence? Where will each piece be most effective? Acknowledge Opposing View Acknowledge Decide how you will deal with the opposing view. How will you handle possible refutation by the audience? May include arguments from the Counter Argument assignment. Acknowledge What Has Been Left Out Out Make sure you tell the reader what has been left out of the discussion. This is crucial for the effective building of ethos. • “I realize that my discussion is limited to. . .” Outline Outline Once you have covered the preceding concerns, make an outline of your essay. You are now ready to draft your position. Other Concerns Other Use transitions to help move your reader from one point to the next. Make sure all evidence is properly introduced, explained, and cited using MLA/APA style of documentation. Reinforce information in a paragraph with a summary sentence that transitions to the next point in the next paragraph. More Concerns More Make sure the argument is yours and not simply a re­hash of other people’s quotations and ideas. Be sure that YOU have taken a well­ reasoned position for the issue. • Use quotations and ideas, but show how they support your position. ...
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