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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 3 Chapter The Rhetorical Situation: The Understanding Audience and Context Analyze Rhetorical Situation T= Text = the argument– written, visual, or spoken T= R=Reader=the potential reader or audience for the R=Reader=the text. Audience must care enough to read and pay attention. attention. A=Author= writes or develops an argument for a A=Author= particular audience particular C=Constraints= people, events, circumstances, C=Constraints= and traditions that limit a targeted audience and E=Exigence= something is present and needs E=Exigence= resolved -- motivation resolved Rhetorical Situation and Visual Argument Text=picture/graphic Text=picture/graphic Reader=or viewer. Who will see the Reader=or image? image? Author=or artist/photographer. Is he or she Author=or known for a certain type or work? known Constraints= What has limited the artist in Constraints= taking/creating the picture? taking/creating Exigence=What happened to motivate the Exigence=What artist to create this image? Rhetorical Situation and Writing Argument Three elements in place before you write: Three exigence, reader or audience, and exigence, constraints constraints When you begin to write, the author (you) When and the text created are added and See needs and values box 3.1 for help See with exigence with Ask Questions When Writing What is the exigence? What Who is the reader or audience? What are some of the constraints? Who is the author? How should the text be developed to fit the How situation? Conduct an Audience Analysis Determine Audience’s initial position and how it might change. might Friendly audience Undecided audience Neutral audience Hostile, resistant audience Unfamiliar audience Analyze audience’s discourse community Analyze and adapt to a familiar audience Construct an unfamiliar audience ...
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