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ENG 112 Annotated Bibliography-091-1 - ENGL 112 Annotated...

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ENGL 112 Annotated Bibliography The Annotated Bibliography is an excellent opportunity to explore various ideas and positions on the issue in preparation for research. Selecting sources is a good first step in research, but annotating the sources forces researchers to read critically instead of just collecting information from a source. Writing an annotated bibliography will help you learn more about your topic. To write about the “heart of the argument” in a given source, you have to fully understand the argument presented. Writing an annotated bibliography will also help you identify your thesis or claim for your later argument papers. Evaluating multiple sources helps you gain perspective about the issue and understand fully what the argument is and who argues for or against the issue. Annotated bibliographies are useful to other researchers. Select articles and references carefully and be cautious when deciding what articles and websites are appropriate for the issue. In an argument, you must show both sides of the issue and therefore, you will need sources to show how each side views the issue. Topic : Locate a minimum of 10 sources for your annotated bibliography about the issue selected. Issues ideas can be found in the Reader section at the back of the book, in the news, in the community, on the job, in the classroom, and so forth. Be sure to select an issue that can be used for all assignments for the remainder of the semester. Keep in mind that these sources may or may not be the sources you ultimately use for your papers. Make sure the sources have been selected from a variety of source types (printed articles not available online, articles from the Web [be cautious about using these as ANYONE can put ANYTHING online and call it fact],
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ENG 112 Annotated Bibliography-091-1 - ENGL 112 Annotated...

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