ENG 112 Position Proposal-091

ENG 112 Position Proposal-091 - ENGL 112 Proposal for...

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ENGL 112 Proposal for Position Essay The starting point for most projects is often a proposal. A proposal in business is an offer to provide a service or a product to someone in exchange for money. Many businesses and non- profit organizations rely on proposals to receive new or additional funding or to enhance the growth of their firm. In business, a proposal is a part of a process of planning and research on, and cultivation of potential foundation and corporate investors. A well-designed proposal can often make the difference between getting the job and the additional funding; it could also mean the loss of company money and ultimately perhaps your job or someone else’s job. Similarly, proposals appear at the college or university level. A department receives word that new grant money is available in a specific area. Faculty members submit proposals showing how much time and money are needed to complete their proposed project. Thus, a proposal is a written document that launches a proposed solution to a specific problem or need. As all writing is persuasive, a proposal must convince the reader that the writer has credibility
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ENG 112 Position Proposal-091 - ENGL 112 Proposal for...

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