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ENG 112 CounterArgument-091 - ENGL 112 Counter Argument...

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ENGL 112 Counter Argument Frequently, written arguments are filled with generalizations. These generalizations need to be tested with one or more counter-arguments. Claims suggest truths the writer believes. The proposed truths begin with a thesis, offer some reasoning, and suggest why the thesis is true. A counter-argument considers possible arguments against your thesis or your reasoning. Writing a counter-argument for your issue forces you to understand the other positions on the issue and test your ideas. Writing a counter-argument will help you anticipate doubts and cut off objections readers might have for your position. Arguing against your position will help your audience see how you weigh alternatives as a writer willing to discover truth. In the final Position paper you will need to include counter arguments to help strengthen your claim. The counter-argument project is an excellent place to show your understanding of the counter arguments for your claim. Developing the counter arguments will help keep you from making weak or illegitimate arguments for the purpose of discrediting them. Topic
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ENG 112 CounterArgument-091 - ENGL 112 Counter Argument...

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