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Intercultural Communication Experience

Intercultural Communication Experience - Intercultural...

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Intercultural Communication Experience For your intercultural communication experience you should start by reading the Intercultural Communication Supplement found in the class folder for week ? As you read the supplement, you should also read the applicable sections on culture found in your text book. Use the index in your textbook to identify those sections by page number. Once you have read this material you should proceed with your intercultural experience. For this assignment you are to plan an encounter with a culture other than your own. You are expected to go outside your comfort zone when choosing a culture, but under no circumstances should you take any risks or put yourself in danger. Your task is to place yourself in a cultural setting you are NOT familiar with. Interact with members of that culture, and observe your verbal and nonverbal communication behaviors and outcomes in the process. Then, submit a 500 word typed, double spaced paper which should contain the following: 1) a brief
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