COMM102_092 Syllabus-2 - Introduction to Interpersonal...

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Introduction to Interpersonal Communication Comm 102 3 Credit Hours General Education Division Ivy Tech Community College Course Syllabus Required Text: Looking Out/Looking In, Adler, Towne. 12 th edition Course Materials are posted on the Ivy Tech Blackboard. These materials are in the course documents area. Exams and quizzes are posted in Exam area. COURSE PREREQUISITES : ENGL 025, 032. The student must have met the prerequisites for this course before the start of this semester in order to enroll for this course. Course Description: This course is an introduction to the process of interpersonal communication as a dynamic and complex system of interactions. Provides theory, actual practice, and criticism for examining and changing human interactions in work, family, and social contexts. Includes topics such as perception, self-concept language, message encoding and decoding, feedback, listening skills, conflict management and other elements affecting interpersonal communication. Course Objectives: The student will understand principles and behaviors that contribute to effective interpersonal communication learn the methods of developing content for an effective speech. The student will examine ways in which the “self” grows and develops. The student will describe the impact of diverse beliefs, attitudes, and values on perceptions The student will improve listening skills. The student will increase the ability to give and receive effective feedback. The student will comprehend the complexities and subtleties of both verbal and nonverbal messages. The student will identify strengths and weaknesses as an interpersonal communicator. The student will apply interpersonal communication theory and principles in a variety of evolving communication contexts. The student will demonstrate an awareness of empathic and ethical interpersonal communication. The student will identify causes of and strategies to manage interpersonal conflict. The student will increase understanding of how technology/media affects interpersonal communication. The student will apply principle of composition, such as research and documentation. The student will recognize and demonstrate nonverbal communication appropriate to the verbal message. To contact the professor: Professor Kate Pantinas 3100 Ivy Tech Dr. Valparaiso, IN 46383 219-476-4713 [email protected] 1
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Your grade in this course is determined by the following criteria: A 1000 point system is utilized as follows: Total 1000 points Discussion Boards 300 Application Assignments 300 Quizzes 100 Culture Paper 150 Final Paper 150 Total 1000 Points Grade 900-1000 A 800-899 B 700-799 C 600-699 D 0-599 F Notes on your evaluations in this course. (Read carefully!): You will receive continuous feedback on your grade standing in the four areas. There are no “make-ups” for chapter quizzes.
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COMM102_092 Syllabus-2 - Introduction to Interpersonal...

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