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02quiz08 - Physics 9B-C Quiz#2 Name Last 4 of ID...

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Physics 9B-C Quiz #2 Name: 10/10/2008 Last 4 of ID: A new musical instrument consists of a metal can with length L and diameter L/ 10. the top of the can is cut out, and a string is stretched across this open end of the can. The tension in the string is adjusted so that the first overtone for longitudinal waves in the air column in the can equals the first overtone for the transverse standing wave on the string. What is the relationship between the speed v s of transverse waves on the string and the speed v a of sound waves in the air? Solution: f s = f a . ( 1 pts) õ v s λ s = v a λ a ( 2 pts ) For the string the first overtone
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