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Physics 9B Practice Exam There are six problems. Work on the test for an hour and we will go over it. [1] A three-dimensional model of a molecule treats the atoms as point particles located at the corners of a cube and connected by massless rigid rods. a) (6 pts) List the degrees of freedom this molecule has. b) (14 pts) If 3 moles of a gas of these molecules undergoes an adiabatic expansion from a pressure of 5.0 atm and a volume of 1.0 L to a volume of 3.0 L, find the final pressure. [2] A transverse wave on a string is described by y = 3 mm ( ) cos π m 1 ( ) x 9 π s 1 ( ) t ( ) . At t = 0, find the position at which the transverse velocity of the string is a maximum and positive. [3] A spherical source of water emits water at a constant rate of 5.0 m 3 /s. Derive an expression for the velocity of the water flow at a distance r from the center of the source. Assume no mass loses and use conservation of mass. For water ® = 1000.0 kg/m 3 [4] In a double slit experiment the separation distance between the centers of the slits is five times the width of each slit. Find the ratio of the intensity of the third interference maximum relative to intensity of the central maximum. You are to assume the double slit interference pattern is modulated by the single
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