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final_07 - Physics 9B-C Final Exam ..Workproblem#1 ;.Please...

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Final Exam, 12/13/07 Page 1 of 2 Cole, UC Davis Physics 9B-C Final Exam December 13, 2007 Put your name on your blue book . There are ten problems on two pages. Work problem # 1 and 8 of the next 9 problems on your blue book; your lowest problem will be dropped. Please put each problem on a new side of a page. Except for problem #1, no credit will be given for answers without work. Answers must have correct units. Good Luck! [1] Record the answer that correctly completes the sentence in your blue book. a) Soliton waves obey the principle of linear superposition ( True | False ) . b) The reason the sunset is red is because ( blue | yellow | red | none of the above ) light is strongly scattered by dust particles in the atmosphere. c) The equation y t ) = - v y x ) describes waves traveling to the ( right | left | both of the above | none of the above d) In single slit diffraction at ∫
 = 4 π , there will be a ( maximum | minimum | none of the above ) in the intensity of light.. e) The amplitude of the sound wave produce by a pin hitting the floor will be proportional to ( 1/ r | 1/ r 2 | r | r 2 ) where r is the distance of the sound pulse from the point of contact of the pin with the floor. f) When the bottom half of a convex mirror is covered with black paper, the image formed by the mirror will be ( missing its top half | missing its bottom half | dimmer than before it was covered | none of the above ). g) In a single slit diffraction experiment, if the width of the slit is decreased, the width of the diffraction maximum on a distant screen will ( increase | decrease | remain the same ). .
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