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Comments on Homework Assignments Fall Semester, 2008 Professor Wardrop Homework assignments are in the document ‘Homework Assignments’ on this course webpage. Please refer to the table of assignments in that document while reading this. The first column refers to the section of the book. The second column identifies the source of the exercises, T or E. ‘T’ exercises are in the text. ‘E’ exercises are in the three ‘Extra Exercises’ documents that are on our course website; you should print a copy of them for your use. For exercises from the text, the third column tells you the page on which the exercises begin. The fourth column is labeled ‘Homework.’ These are the exercises that you submit for grading each week. The fifth column is labeled ‘Practice;’ you should do these problems, but do not submit them for grading . Weekly homework assignments will be announced in lecture, except when I forget to do so! They will be posted at Homework Assignments, by due date
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