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Determination of Course Grade Statistics 301, Fall Semester, 2008, Lectures 3 and 4 Professor Wardrop At the end of the course, you will have a certain number of points. Your course grade is based on your number of points. In order to save a lot of time later, let me remark that your course grade does not depend on any of the following factors: How hard you work; how much you improve; how much you were hurt by not having more time on the exams; the grade you want; the grade your program wants you to have; the grade you think that your effort, learning, etc. deserves; the fact that you are ‘an A student’ or ‘a B student.’ None of these factors matters. Thus, please don’t mention them to me. By the way, the above list is not exhaustive. They are intended as examples only. So, how do you get these points? Homework: 17 points. Homework will be graded on a ‘ + ’ or ‘ - ’ system. If an assignment is submitted on time and it appears that you tried to complete it, then you will receive a ‘ +
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