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honorsfall2009 - pages 319–332 • General Sex Drugs...

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Statistics 371, Lectures 1 and 2, Fall 2009 Honors Assignment If you have signed up for Honors credit, then you must complete some additional work. Below is my suggestion for the additional work. If you have a request to do different work, please see me about it. Read at least two of the eight essays listed below. For two of the essays that you read, write a paper, one to three pages, double-spaced, on a topic of your choice related to the essay. (Thus, you must write two papers.) I am particularly interested in papers that describe how an essay relates to your personal experi- ences, philosophy, interests, or education. These papers are due in my mailbox by 5:01 PM on Tuesday, December 10. Alternatively, you may give your paper to me in lecture at any time this semester. 1. The Flamingo’s Smile by Stephen Jay Gould. General: Human Equality Is a Contingent Fact of History , pages 185–198. General: Singapore’s Patrimony (and Matrimony)
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Unformatted text preview: , pages 319–332. • General: Sex, Drugs, Disasters, and the Extinction of Dinosaurs , pages 417–426. • Chapter 6 of text: Of Wasps and WASPs , pages 155–166. 2. Bully for Brontosaurus by Stephen Jay Gould. • Chapter 1 of text: The Chain of Reason versus the Chain of Thumbs , pages 182–197. • Chapter 5 of text: In a Jumbled Drawer , pages 309–324. • Chapter 12 of text: The Median Isn’t the Message , pages 473–478. Also at http://www.cancerguide.org/median_not_msg.html • Chapter 13 of text: Of Kiwi Eggs and the Liberty Bell , pages 109–123. The Flamingo’s Smile is available at the Biology (2 copies), Memorial, and Steenbock libraries. Bully for Brontosaurus is available at the Biology, College, Geology, and Memorial libraries. Both books are available at the Madison Public Library. Either book may be purchased at any number of popular book stores....
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