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Project Assignment for Statistics 371, Professor Wardrop, Fall Semester, 2009 You may perform the project described below and submit a written report for it. Reports must be submitted on paper, not electronically. You may work alone or as a member of a team of three or fewer persons . If you work as a team, only one report per project should be submitted by a team (remember to include everyone’s name on the report!) and all members of the team will receive the same grade. Neither my expectations for nor grading of reports is influenced by the size of the team. Please submit legible reports. For many of you, this will mean words typed, and “nonwords” (e.g. tables, figures, formulas, and computations) drawn by hand. Effective use of color and illustrations can greatly enhance a report. The maximum score for the project is 3 points extra credit. I have 288 students; thus, I could receive as many as 288 projects. Sometimes projects disappear. Some of those times, it is due to my negligence. In any event, you must keep a copy of your project in case the original is lost. Project. Due before 5:00 pm on Tuesday, November 17. Perform 100 dichotomous trials under “fixed conditions” related to an activity of interest to you. Exercises 6–14 on pages 177–178 of the text present summaries of studies of this type that were performed by other students. (Also, see the bottom of this document for another source or ask me.) Your report should describe the activity, why it interests you, and
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This note was uploaded on 10/23/2009 for the course STAT STATS 371 taught by Professor Professorwardrop during the Fall '09 term at Wisconsin.

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371projectfall2009b - Project Assignment for Statistics...

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