371commentsfall2009 - Various Useful Comments on Lectures,...

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Various Useful Comments on Lectures, Homework and Exams Statistics 371, Fall Semester, 2009, Professor Wardrop The perfect is the enemy of the good–Voltaire. This course is, for me, a work-in-progress. This will make your life as a student in this class more frustrating than I would like. I am sorry about that, but see no realistic way to avoid it. Taking this course will be a bit like driving across the U.S. at night. The headlights will not illuminate the whole country at once, but, with luck, they illuminate enough to allow the driver to avoid accidents. I do not have all of the course materials prepared. I will prepare them as the semester progresses. My goal is to always have at least two weeks’ material ready if you want to work ahead. Below I will describe the key components of the course materials. 1. I will post Course Notes on my website. The Course Notes (CN) will provide a development of the material covered in Stat 371. In many cases the CN will present much more sophisticated math than you will need to be successful in the course. I expect you to read the CN before lecture. (I will announce and post the sections to be read before each lecture.) 2. At lecture I will assume that you have read and attempted to understand the assigned material in the CN. This is a new feature to my course this semester. I don’t know how well this will work. If the class is honestly having trouble understanding some complicated ideas in the CN, then I will spend lecture time on it. If, however, the class is simply ‘blowing off’ the reading assignment, I will not
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371commentsfall2009 - Various Useful Comments on Lectures,...

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