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PREFACE This guide is a student’s supplement for the text Statistics: Learning in the Presence of Variation . Like the text, this guide consists of 16 chapters. For ease of cross-referencing, this guide and the text use the same chapter titles. Each chapter of this guide contains the four sections described below. 1. Study Suggestions. Having taught from my book several times, I have developed some idea of the topics and sections that my students find difficult. In this section I provide some suggestions that, I hope, will make the text easier to understand. 2. Solutions to Odd-Numbered Exercises. The textbook contains brief solutions to all odd-numbered exercises. This guide provides, where needed, expanded solutions to the odd-numbered exercises, In cases where I believe the textbook solution to be adequately detailed, there is no solution in this guide. Throughout the textbook, with few exceptions, exercise 1 in a section will be similar to exercise 2, exercise 3 will be similar to exercise 4, and so on. Thus, suppose, for example, that your instructor
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