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Mnemonic Devices for Vocabulary Lists in Al-Kitaab Fii Ta’allum Al-‘Arabiyya, Part 1 UNIT 1 Vocabulary Word: بدلا Meaning: Literature Keyword: Aladdin / Aladdib Image: Imagine an il literate Aladdin who did not know how to write, or even to pronounce his name. He therefore called himself Aladdib instead of Aladdin. Vocabulary Word: ة±حتم²ا ³´لا Meaning: The United Nations Keyword: Aluminum mute hid Image: Imagine that an aluminum mute hid in the United Nations building and that the NYPD is surrounding the area. Picture an aluminum man like the Tin Man on “The Wizard of Oz” who is mute, i.e. unable to speak. Vocabulary Word: سردأ Meaning: I Study Keyword: A dress Image: Imagine that you always wear a dress while study ing. Vocabulary Word: نكµأ Meaning: I Live Keyword: Askin’ Image: Imagine an unromantic proposal from a boyfriend: “I’m askin’ ya to live with me, baby.” Vocabulary Word: ¶مع· Meaning: She Works Keyword: Time ‘ll. .. Image: Imagine a supervisor discussing with his boss a new female employee he has hired. Time ‘ll tell if she works ,” he says. Vocabulary Word: ّ ي¸ص´ Meaning: Egyptian Keyword: Misery Image: Imagine an Egyptian pharaoh accidentally buried alive in The Great Pyramid: he is in misery !
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Vocabulary Word: ةقطنم Meaning: Area, Region Keyword: Main tucker Image: Imagine a man whose job it is to tuck in bed sheets. He goes from hotel to hotel in a particular region
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mmemonic_alkitab1_1and2 - Mnemonic Devices for Vocabulary...

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