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Jeffrey Lichy, Ben Moser, Alex Goldstein October 19, 2009 Industry Analysis for Industry Description: operates in the service industry. The sector of the service industry which it competes in is the academic services industry. This includes personal tutors, review classes, and most specifically, online note sharing and study tools websites. The industry geographical boundaries are the thousands or colleges and high schools across the country and eventually abroad as well. The NAICS code for the industry of academic services is 611691 and is titles Exam Preparation and tutoring. Suppliers, Customers, and Distributors: The industry ‘s primary customers are people involved in academia that are searching to better their understanding of a subject and subsequently do better in school. This industry provides a network of information on different subjects and courses to enhance knowledge, as well as giving customers a crutch in reaching their goals. As a member of this industry, Studyblue will be able to provide the customer with live data being shared on the network. Studyblue will also be able to reach out to the customer by use of advertising, as well as testimony from other students in the same classes that have been benefited from the use of the firms database of information. While the customer base is always changing due to enrollment totals as well as “need”, this type of service will always be in need due to the increase in competition. Future increases in unemployment, and scarcity of jobs will increase competition in school, and therefore increase demand
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Industry Description - Jeffrey Lichy, Ben Moser, Alex...

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