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344 Sylabus - The University of Wisconsin-Madison Fall...

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The University of Wisconsin-Madison Fall Semester 2009 THE ERA OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION History 344 Professor J. B. Lee T, Th, 11:00am-12:15pm Office: 5102 Humanities 2650 Humanities Building Office Hrs.: 2:00-4:00pm, Tues. Also by appointment COURSE DESCRIPTION: In ways great and small, the American Revolution touched the life of every person who lived through it and profoundly influenced the subsequent history of the United States. Indeed, the Revolution has been called "the most crucial event in American history." This course traces conditions that culminated in revolution and warfare, examines the remarkable amount of political experimentation that led to the creation of a unique republic, considers how ordinary men and women responded to and shaped events, and assesses the impact of the Revolutionary era upon American development. In addition, the course considers how representations and memories of the Revolution have changed over the span of American history--and to what effect. Assigned readings include both modern scholarly accounts and eighteenth-century documents. Students are encouraged to explore the many facets and the continuing legacies and challenges of the nation's founding epoch. ______________ COURSE CREDITS: For all undergraduate students, History 344 is a 4-credit course. The fourth credit is for the required weekly discussion sections. ______________ TEACHING ASSISTANTS:
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344 Sylabus - The University of Wisconsin-Madison Fall...

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