Discussion - Redemtioneers, apprentices, convicts, rebels,...

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Discussion: Colonial Landscapes: 3 Geographic Regions: Cultural/ Economic: Population – Growth, Diversity: highest level of population growth out of anywhere in the world. Plenty of diversity. Localism: people are focused more on cities and towns and not on the whole empire. No one really ever left their colonies. Degree of Freedom: Elite: Middling: Lesser: White Women: Feme sole: idea of an unmarried women’s sole on her own so she could own her own contracts and go to court Feme covert: covered by her husband. Can’t go to court. Can’t own her own contracts. Isn’t a legal representative. Elite: Land, Slaves, Cool Clothing , Mansions. Discussion September 24, 2009 Degrees of Freedom Lecture: White Bound Labor: indentured servants, tenant farmers,
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Unformatted text preview: Redemtioneers, apprentices, convicts, rebels, Slavery: ancient, Atlantic slave trade ( 11-12 Million forced of that 400,000 came to the 13 colonies ) , No Legal Rights, perpetual , hereditary. Native slaves in New England and southern colonies. Right of Capture capturing someone in war means they owe their lives to you. Evangelicalism: Diversity, Established Churches: anglicans Dissenting Sects : congregationism, John Edwards, George Whitefieldstarted going around as preachers in 1730s. whipped up sentiment for revivals Religiouis Tolerations Enlightenment: Reaction to received wisdom Improved progress Americas laboratory of the enlightment....
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Discussion - Redemtioneers, apprentices, convicts, rebels,...

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