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September 15th - culture French Also incorporate but mostly...

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September 15 th Spanish: Claimed a lot of the west between 16-18 th century French: claimed region between St. Lawrence and missisisispi English—Claimed pacific NW Russia – costal plains of modern day Alaska I. Europeans at the Dawn of Empire: Trade Network: on of the way Europeans differed from NA. Both Europe and NA had diverse cuture and languages. Mercantile Capitalism—merged tradition with modern new system . Black Plague: Created a population in Europe that shifted power from rural places to towns. Spurred trade and exploration. Euros were looking for new routes. MARKETS CONVERTS AND LAND became new search for Euros. Spanish: despite extreme violence toward indians , they were incorporates .. they wanted to incorporate not equally indians into their
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Unformatted text preview: culture. French : Also incorporate but mostly trade netwroks. English: more relation of removal, and extermination, rather than conversion and trade. Domesticated animals were the source of many diseases. Geographic isolation of these natives added to their deaths. Not all natives had horses. Horse riding indians often raided non horse riding indians for food and goods and captives. . they would trade captives to Spanish or kill them. Horses “ technology of Violence” Historians believed it was a rocess motivated by economic growth North America had been isolated from the world for a while Natives believed land wasn’t owned by private residence, instead for communal se,...
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  • Native Americans in the United States, English—Claimed pacific NW, Mercantile Capitalism—merged tradition

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September 15th - culture French Also incorporate but mostly...

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