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Chapter Reading Notes: Chapter One: Urban Area: a densely settled geographical area with a minimum population of 2500 people and a minimum density of 500 people per square mile. In 2000, there were 3,765 urban areas in the unit states. Urban Population: people living in urban area. Metropolitan Are: a core are with a substantial population nucleus, together with adjacent communities that are integrated, in an economic sense, with the core area. Metropolitan area: a smaller version of a metropolitan. Principal city: the largest municipality in each metropolitan or micropolotan statistical area. A municipality is defined as an area over which a municipal corporation exercises political authority and provides local government services such as sewage service, crime protection, and fire protection. Cities exist because human technology has created systems of
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Unformatted text preview: production and exchange that seem to defy the natural order. 3 condition to be a city: Agricultural Surplus: people outside cities must produce enough food to feed themselves and city dwellers. Urban Production: city dwellers must produce somethinggoods or services to exchange for food grown by rural workers. Transportation for exchange: there must be an efficient transportation system to facilitate the exchange of food and urban products. 5 Axioms of Urban Economics 1) Prices Adjust to Achieve Location Equilibrium: equilibrium occurs when no one has an incentive to move. (Beach house vs. house on a noisy highway) Location equilibrium requires a higher price for the beach house. To eliminate the incentive to move, the price of the beach house must be high enough to fully compensate for the better environment. 2) Externalities...
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