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matse Homework_01_-_Fall-09

matse Homework_01_-_Fall-09 - MATSE 201 Homework 1 Due in...

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MATSE 201 Homework 1 – Due in class, Tuesday, Sep 8, 2009 (use additional sheets of paper and please be neat.) 1. A metal solder consists of 80.0 wt% Sn and 20.0 wt% Pb. What are atomic percentages of each component? (5pts) 2. A glass plate is 5 cm x 10 cm in size and is coated on one side with a 1 micrometer thick layer of Ag to make a mirror. What is the corresponding mass of the Ag layer and how many atoms comprise it? (10pts) 3. Write the electron configuration in spectroscopic notation using the noble core reference for the following atoms and note any apparent exceptions to expectations based only on the Auf Brau principle. If an exception exists, what is the driving force? (15 pts) (a) Si b) S (c) As (d) Cu (f) Mo 4. Give the valence state of all cations in the following oxides (20 pts): (a) Al 2 O 3 (b) BaZrO 3 (c) KMn0 4 (d) K 5 P 3 O 10 5. A hydrogen atom’s electron is excited to the n=3 state and subsequently relaxes to the n=1 (i.e. ground) state in a stepwise manner (i.e. n=3
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