Forensics Class Notes Part 2

Forensics Class Notes Part 2 - BIO 199H Class Notes What...

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BIO 199H Class Notes 2006-1-20 What are fingerprints? Impression of friction ridges on the skin of fingers. Friction ridges are also found on - palms - soles of the feet - solar aspect of the toes for firmer grip and resistance to slippage There are ridges and grooves - ridges are high - grooves are low (between ridges) - there are microscopic pores from which sweat is excreted Between the epidermis and the dermis is the dermal papillae - This is the basis for our fingerprints - The boundary between the epidermis and the dermis - The ridge pattern is formed in the womb The pores are the openings to the sweat ducts - connected to the sweat glands - excretes perspiration The combination of sweat and oil leaves a print when we touch things - latent fingerprints are invisible prints - perspiration and oils are transferred onto surfaces - leaves an impression of the ridges History - Ancient - Babylonian – left fingerprints on clay tablets as a signature - Chinese used them for ID - 1858 – Sir William Herschel in India demanded that laborers sign contracts with fingerprints - 1877 Herschel advised fingerprints from prisoners - 1880 fingerprints used to ID criminals - 1882 Gilbert Thompson used thumbprints on checks in US to prevent fraud - 1892 Sir Francis Galton published a book on printing – prints are unique and invariable Fingerprints are unique - Identical Twins - same DNA different prints Fingerprints are unique - formed in the fetal stage - unchanged throughout the lifetime - changes can be explained
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- flexibility from the skin, growing, a dirty finger, scarring, a wound, or a disease of the skin Can fingerprints be changed? -
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Forensics Class Notes Part 2 - BIO 199H Class Notes What...

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