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Hamlet Paper - Hamlet: The Dane Who Would Have Been King...

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Hamlet: The Dane Who Would Have Been King Had Claudius not persuaded Laertes to poison the blade of his sword for the duel, in the end Hamlet, like his father before him, would have been the king. What manner of king would Hamlet have been? In order to be an exemplary king, one must be decisive, merciful and forgiving yet harsh and unyielding, intelligent, quick-witted, assertive, protective of his people and his lands, calm in the face of turmoil and above all, honest and fair. These are the qualities that constitute a virtuous king, and separates him from inferior sovereigns. The incertitude then becomes of course, does Hamlet posses these attributes. This paper will endeavor to explore the question thoroughly, looking at textual indications of Hamlet’s virtues, defects and flaws, ultimately ascertaining a determination based on those circumstances as an alternative to simple unadulterated opinions. First we look at Hamlet’s competence to be decisive and portray himself as a person of action. Hamlet, if he is to be a good king, must have the adeptness to effectuate well-informed decisions relatively expeditiously, and then act upon those resolutions in a incontestable and uninhibited way. After an initial glance, it may appear that Hamlet is vacillating or a procrastinator based on his self-recriminations of delay in his quagmire to avenge his dead father. However Hamlet is in a precarious position as he desires to avenge his father, who was the king, by dispatching his uncle, who is the king and his step father to boot. Hamlet substantiates his ability to forge decisions and assert himself at different junctures throughout the play. We see his decisiveness delineated in his decision to respect and obey his mother disregarding his personal feelings of violation arising from his mother’s precipitate remarriage
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Hamlet Paper - Hamlet: The Dane Who Would Have Been King...

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