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1 Intended Meaning “Will and Testament,” written by Isabella Whitney is, according to the brief introduction, her way of dealing with the great feeling of loss she is burdened with when she is forced to leave the city she loves. Whitney embodied the city of London with both human and eternal qualities in order to express her grief. She apparently has lived in London for quite some time, she may possibly have even been born there based on line 62 in which Whitney says, “because I there was bred.” Just as Dorothy says in The Wizard of OZ , “there’s no place like home.” Whitney is experiencing separation anxiety due to the sure knowledge that she will leave all of the familiarity of home behind when she leaves London. It is not unusual for us as humans to lay claims to things we do not own simply because they are an integral part of our day to day lives. In this aspect of her poem, Whitney differs little from many of us. We say my street, my school, my neighborhood, my city, my town and my state with relative frequency although we know even as we speak the words that we own none of
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Will_and_Testament_Whitney_Analysis - 1 Intended Meaning...

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