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Mask Pres - the mask to protect our pride • The first two...

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We Wear the Mask: We feign happiness at our meager existence On payday, although we may realize that the check we’ve received isn’t enough to pay the bills, we express happiness and really appreciate the idea that we can pay any of the bills instead of none of them. We hide our true selves: Hiding the face can be indicative of shame or embarrasment The “debt to human guile” portrays the reality of life for us. We play along with the deception of “The American Dream,” and pretend that life is so much better because we live in a capitalist society. If someone were to look closely they could see the resentment simmering just below the calm, pleasant surface façade. We wear the mask partly in an effort to hide what we deem our own weakness. We don’t need to show everyone else that we are so weak that we have been duped into becoming no more than slaves and wholly dependent on others for survival. We wear
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Unformatted text preview: the mask to protect our pride! • The first two lines of stanza three, exemplify the nights parents have cried themselves to sleep because they know no matter how hard they try they won’t be able to give their children better, send them to college, better their life prospects. • They can also indicate the desire to buy a house so they can say “my home” or the lack of sufficient food for the table. • Laborers are often “tortured” by their own hope for something better. They often know that its just a dream but it still is a painful reality to face. The certain knowledge that this is as good as life gets for people like us. • It is better to appear happy to the outside world and let everyone believe that life is ok for us then to dwell in our own misery and acknowledge to the world what feel like our failures and inadequacies....
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Mask Pres - the mask to protect our pride • The first two...

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