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Sympathy: Imprisonment by circumstance and position in life Longing for interaction with nature: Substinence wages keep the worker on the job long hours limiting the exposure to fresh air and sunshine The existence of a “wage slave” is very difficult, and although it may be harder to for example depend on and work the land for survival, it would be an easier burden to bear because of freedom. In stanza one, “When the first bird sings,” is representative of a longing for communal interaction, the freedom to spend time with others Freedom from the “owners” or bosses, and freedom to make real choices, rather than the certain knowledge that you have to go to work at a job you possibly hate to be paid a wage which may or may not allow you to feed
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Unformatted text preview: house and clothes your family, because if you don’t it is certain that you can’t feed your family. • The will to fight the misery of this existence but the futility of the fight nonetheless • The desire for freedom is repeated many times in this poem. The desire to be free is a basic primal instinct in us all. • The strength of character to keep fighting and struggling for better instead of giving up and giving in to the idea “nothing better exists for me” • Maintaining faith no matter how bleak or grim things look • The belief in a better life (possibly only for the children) enables continuation of honest effort...
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