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Response Paper - Response Paper: Toward A New...

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Response Paper: “Toward A New Enlightenment?” An essay from the postmodern programme at sixth Avenue In the essay “Toward A New Enlightenment?” Wilson’s theory of consilience is introduced as a new way of thinking about knowledge. Edward O. Wilson is a scientist who primarily studies ants and has written a book Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge , which attempts to address the root of human knowledge. Wilson asserts that our genetic code is predisposed toward gaining certain knowledge based on the need to survive and our evolution. The author(s) of this essay attempt to show us the important parts of this theory and discuss their relevance at the same time. As I began to read this essay I was initially intrigued by the e-mail correspondence between professors used as an example and an introduction to the consilience theory. The debate seems to me to be that pompous, arrogant, self-serving jargon that one would expect to get as learned colleagues in each discipline argue that their own particular field is the most important. I took note of the arguments being made and the grounds on which each was justified. I began to conclude that they were simply overlooking the obvious because none wanted to concede anything. The truth is that we’ve known for quite some time that knowledge was interconnected and that our collegiate graduates should be required to take several different courses from diverse disciplines in order to attain their liberal arts degree. After all, haven’t colleges and universities all over the world been requiring this
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Response Paper - Response Paper: Toward A New...

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