Skinner - Walden Two My first impression of Frazier isnt...

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Walden Two My first impression of Frazier isn’t all that promising. He appears to be an average man, of average height and weight, very nondescript. He probably wants to be noticed, judging by the fact that he is dressed in all white, which is a color (or lack thereof) known to perceptually elongate the wearer. The whiteness of his clothing also reminds me a cult leader type, attempting to use the bright reflective white garb in an effort to make himself appear to have a golden hallow of light surrounding him. It’s a trick of visual perception but based on history, it’s apparently quite a useful one. My guess is that he’s always felt a little inadequate in the real world because he is so indistinguishable from anyone else. There is really nothing that sets him apart. He appears to be rather self-important based on his greeting, which indicated that they had wasted his time by not arriving on the earlier bus and that there inconvenience of riding on the bus was inconsequential compared to the inconvenience of the commune at large of having to do without their vehicle. The station wagon is uncomfortable and sparse, indicating the probable conditions at the community. It would appear that the basic desire is to meet the minimum requirements of fulfilling a need, but not to add comfort; functionality over all is of importance. I would also guess that Frazier will turn out to be the more equal of all of the people at the commune. In other words he gets the better of everything just as is the case with most cult leaders. They are made of compacted earth and done in earth tones in an effort to make them as unobtrusive as possible in the natural environment. Again we see that function is of the utmost importance while comfort is very much secondary although much more impressively addressed here than in the station wagon. The furnishings are utilitarian yet aesthetically pleasing. There is no distinction between the natural colors of the outdoors and the colors used to decorate the buildings, both inside and out. Walden Two is constructed in a cooperative way meaning that each building is connected to the other saving space and maintaining ease of access and use. The buildings were built in the most cost effective and space advantageous way possible so as to utilize everything to its fullest. This ensures minimized waste and pollution as well as minimized environmental impact. A modern trend is to minimize wasted or excess space in an effort to keep costs low and productivity high. This is evident in areas such as ceiling heights, stair placement, closet space and bathroom placement in modern homes. Apartment complexes also use similar approaches to garner maximum rental potential from the available space. The Walden Two approach addresses the difficulties of travel, whether and space usage not just as far as the building is concerned but also with regard to the available land area. The inability of the whether to have any effect on most of the inhabitants lives is amazing. There is no doubt that if there were a way for us to avoid
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Skinner - Walden Two My first impression of Frazier isnt...

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