Unamuno - San Manuel Bueno, Martyr Reality can often times...

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San Manuel Bueno, Martyr Reality can often times be very harsh. Jane Wagner once said, “reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it.” When my babies were very little and I was young the reality that something horrific could happen and that they could potentially die never crossed my mind. I was innocent and carefree. I was a much happier and more peaceful person back then. When my daughter ate an ice cream cone, which contained a deadly bacteria she almost died and she was only two-years-old. My innocence was stolen away in an instant and reality hit me full force. My children were vulnerable and bad things could happen to them. I could not ignore the reality I was faced with. I began to fret and worry far more than I ever had before. The old adage that ignorance is bliss can be all too true. I have always been realistic about my own life, but of course that’s the easy part. I know that ever since I was born the reality is that I have been waiting to die. Not that I’ve been sitting around waiting for death to claim me. Far from that I’ve lived an amazingly interesting life. However, I am aware that the biological inevitability is that I will surely die. The idea of death and the reality that I will die doesn’t bother me as it does so many people. When reality touches those I love, it becomes much harder to face though. The idea that my husband was having serious bouts with kidney stones was unpleasant but the reality that he actually had cancer was far harder to bear. That reality hit me with unrelenting force and hit so hard I felt like I could barely breathe. According to T.S. Elliot, “humankind cannot stand very much reality.” In general humans can’t really face reality. How many people really see themselves as other people see them? I always tell my children that before they make any choice they should consider that reality is 99% perception. I mean that the way others perceive what you are doing is reality for them. People can’t face reality full force all of the time. Reality is actually quite depressing. For example, a doctor will not give a cancer patient specific information unless they specifically ask direct questions. If they ask the doctor is required to answer but if they don’t the doctor is inclined to be vague. The vagueness is an attempt by the doctor to leave the patient’s hope intact. The patient’s hope is their will to live, without it the patient would be forced to face reality. The specific reality they have to
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Unamuno - San Manuel Bueno, Martyr Reality can often times...

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