Does Gender Still Matter - Matt Huston ENGR 100 CCCD "Does...

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Matt Huston ENGR 100 CCCD “Does Gender Still Matter?” is the event that my partner and I decided to choose for our cross-cultural communication and diversity assignment. I chose this event because I had seen the display in the Purdue Memorial Union prior to learning that it was acceptable for the CCCD assignment and thought the exhibit looked very interesting. As soon as I walked into the exhibit my first thoughts were, “What is this?” I have been very interested in art ever since taking drawing and sculpting classes in high school but I had never seen artwork of this kind. Each individual piece of artwork conveyed a message and some even told a story after you spent some time trying to understand what
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the artist was trying to say. Most of the pieces of work combined the societal views of man and woman into a single figure. A series of pieces that I especially liked that used this view was “Shorts or Slacks?!” by Andrew Wodzianski. This piece, definitely my favorite in the exhibit, showed a figure with woman’s legs in shorts, a muscular red upper
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Does Gender Still Matter - Matt Huston ENGR 100 CCCD "Does...

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