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Revised SelfDiscEssay - "The Senior Year Finale" Matthew...

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“The Senior Year Finale” Matthew Huston ENGL 106 8:30 M W F
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It was a Thursday night, the last Thursday night of the school year. I was a senior at William Henry Harrison High School. After going through years of schooling and devoting so much time to your school and education, every senior wants to give the school a little going away gift. As a senior, I felt obligated to plan and carry out a senior prank like so many seniors before me. Two of my closest friends were on the same page as me and during the last month of our senior year this was the only homework assignment that we considered important. My closest friend, Tommy, was the valedictorian; the other, Phil, was a very intelligent student and a great football player. I was a 3-sport athlete and only one letter grade away from being valedictorian myself. After a couple pages of ideas were cut down to only one, it was time to put the plan into action. I have never stolen anything in my life, I never really had to, but on this May 18 th night, at the time, it was a “had to” situation. On this night, I learned even when you’re in the tightest of situations; never take anything that does not belong to you without paying for it. Our plan was very simple. We were going to block the only entrance to the school so that when the busses, faculty, and 800 student drivers got to the school at seven in the morning; it would be absolute chaos. The bleachers around the football field, softball field, and tennis courts were easily movable and they were to serve as our “road block.” We were hoping to secure the bleachers with some chains and weight them down with some cement or concrete. With a few heavy-duty chains and about a dozen five-
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Revised SelfDiscEssay - "The Senior Year Finale" Matthew...

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