The Moral Battle of Slavery

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Matt Huston April 19, 2007 PU History  Paper #3 The Moral Battle of Slavery In 1854 the United States of America was divided into two separate entities, the dividing factor being slavery. On January 11 th , 1854 an anti-slavery article was published in the New York Tribune. On March 31 st , 1854 a pro-slavery article was published in the Mississippian. Obviously these two letters had opposing viewpoints on the slavery issue. The Tribune article is completely against slavery, attacks Southerners morals, and states that if slavery reaches the North a war will be waged. The Mississippian article attacks northern society, expresses rights of southern people, and states the slavery is completely moral and necessary. The moral battle of slavery at this time was a battle over rights, ownership, and property. Today we look back at this battle as the single, most influential event in United States history. The Northern tone towards slavery is completely represented by the article
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