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RC Lecture 1


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CIVL2007 Theory and Design of Structures II RC Component (9 March 2007) page 1 DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG CIVL2007 THEORY AND DESIGN OF STRUCTURES II REINFORCED CONCRETE COMPONENT Dr S.T. Smith SCOPE OF LECTURES The following topics will be covered in the reinforced concrete (RC) component of this subject: Topic 1: Limit States Design Topic 2: Beams - Flexure: Singly and Doubly Reinforced Beams + Flanged Beams - Shear - Design of RC beams Topic 3: Short Columns Topic 4: Loading Combinations and Design Envelopes Topic 5: Pad Foundations Topic 6: Slabs (One-way and Continuous) Topic 7: Bond, Anchorage and Curtailment of Reinforcement REFERENCES: BOOKS There are many books dealing with reinforced concrete design. They have been classified according to the Concrete Design Standard for UK, Australia, US and others, namely BS 8110: UK. Mosley, W.H., Bungey, J.H. and Hulse, R. (1999) Reinforced Concrete Design , Fifth Edition, Macmillan Press, UK. Kong, F.K. and Evans, R.H. (1987) Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete , Third Edition, E&FN Spon. Allen, A.H. (1988) Reinforced Concrete Design to BS8110: Simply Explained , Spon Press, UK. (available as an e-book from the HKU Library) Martin, L.H., Croxton, P.C.L. and Purkiss, J.A. (1989) Structural Design in Concrete to BS8110 , Edward Arnold, UK. AS 3600: Australia Warner, R.F., Rangan, B.V., Hall, A.S. and Faulkes, K.A. (1998) Concrete Structures , Addison Wesley, Australia. ACI 318: US Wang, C.K. and Salmon, C.G. (1998) Reinforced Concrete Design , Sixth Edition, Addison Wesley, USA. Other good books on the subject area are: Park, R. and Paulay, T. (1975) Reinforced Concrete Structures, Wiley. Reynolds, C.E. and Steedman, J.C. Reinforced Concrete Designers Handbook , Viewpoint, UK. REFERENCES: CODES OF PRACTICE Code of Practice for the Structural use of Concrete (2004) Buildings Department, Hong Kong (http://www.bd.gov.hk/english/documents/index_crlist.html) BS 8110-1 (1997) Structural Use of Concrete – Part 1: Code of Practice for Design and Construction , British Standards Institution, UK.
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CIVL2007 Theory and Design of Structures II RC Component (9 March 2007) page 2 TOPIC 1: LIMIT STATES DESIGN - LECTURE NOTES - “Structural Engineering is the art of moulding materials we do not wholly understand into shapes we cannot precisely analyse, so as to withstand forces we cannot really assess, in such a way that the public at large has no reason to suspect the extent of our ignorance” (Professor K. Crews, UTS) Structural Design Objectives Strength: possess adequate reserve of strength to resist overload which may occur during the design life of the structure Serviceability: ability to perform adequately under normal day-to-day service conditions (i.e. structure does not deform significantly) Ease of Construction: feasibility Durability: resistance to progressive loss of strength and stiffness. Need to ensure adequate resistance against structural and material deterioration
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