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Unformatted text preview: CS685 - Homework 2, due Oct 14th, Jana Ko seck a 1. Consider a differential drive model of the mobile robot with a configuration space [ x,y, ] T , where we can control linear and angular velocity of the robot v and . The kinematic model describing the motion of the mobile robot is as follows: x = v cos( ) y = v sin( ) = Implement the closed loop feed-back control law v = k (1) = k + k (2) described in class, where ,, is the configuration of the robot expressed in polar coordinates (with respect to the goal). As a part of this exercise you will need to use the function written for homework 2, which simulates the odometry of the mobile robot. You will need to write a function [x,y,theta] = goTo(x g ) , which keeps on applying the control law and simulating the robot forward checking the flag which indicates that the goal position is reached. Ex- periment with different values of k ,k ,k and describe any observations and strategies you...
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