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8.5x11 Note Sheet (Final) - Zero Hour, Nuremberg Trials,...

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Zero Hour, Nuremberg Trials , Collective guilt, Denazification, Marshall Plan, Warsaw Pact (East Nato) Détente: Relaxation in tensions between the East and West. Berlin Blockade: Because the Soviets had not agreed to currency reform, they withdrew from the four-power governing bodies and initiated the Berlin Blockade, which blocked all transport routes from West Germany and West Berlin. Berlin Airlift: A campaign in which the allies initiated an airlift to send supplies into Berlin. This was a result of the Soviet blockade of Berlin. Basic Law: Is the constitution of West Germany. It was formally approved on May 8, 1949 and, with the signature of the Allies, came into effect on May 23, 1949 as the de facto constitution of West Germany . Economic Miracle : The rapid reconstruction and development of the economy of West Germany following World War II. It began with the introduction of the Deutsche Mark as currency. It occurred during a time of low inflation and rapid industrial growth under the leadership of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and his economic minister Ludwig Erhard. Vergangenheitsbewältigung : ( coming to terms with the past ). Attempt to analyze, digest and learn to live with the past, in particular the Holocaust .
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